Monday, August 16, 2010

planning the trip to transgender and beyond

After 40+ years of confusion, negative thinking, and living life in conformity to others, I am planning to embark on a new journey. I hope this journey is successful and brings with it a wealth of personal growth and real understanding of the issues others face that I now embrace.
From time to time I will report my progress as well as the pitfalls. I'm hoping to check in on a monthly basis at the very least.
The journey has been a dream since I was 8 or 9. Back then, I could not imagine doing what I am doing now...not just using the computer, but actually being able to explore my gender identity to the realization that becoming female is a possibility. For many of you who read this blog, I'm sure there will be many remebrances and recollections of places on the journey you have also visited. I am sure I will travel to new places that many of you have also been to.
Stay tuned...